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Learning Targets
(1) I can generate a broad idea of the fundamental components of a comprehensive approach to integrating
STEAM through PBL into my school.(2) I can identify the difference between a student project and a well-designed, authentic PBL.
(3) I can understand the importance of integrating the 4C's and components of STEAM into PBL design.

STEAM 2014 Elkin Middle School via Animoto

Elkin City Schools
Welcome to the Elkin City Schools STEAM Toolkit. Browse through our repository of ideas, lesson plans and resources for implementing the components of STEAM into your classroom. We hope you enjoy this rich resource for all levels of educators.

What is STEAM and PBL?
STEAM is the acronym for science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics. PBL refers to Project Based Learning. STEAM is aninterdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning and is intertwined throughout the project based learning experience. Project BasedLearning serves as the foundation of how we infuse the components of STEAM into our curriculum. The focus on the eight essential elementsof Project Based Learning exposes our students to real world, authentic problems that are happening now in their community and world whilealigning them to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. The goal in Elkin City Schools is to make learning relevant to the lives of ourstudents so they will be better equipped to explore STEAM courses and careers. These learning experiences will help them becomeproductive students with the soft-skills to be quality citizens.

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